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Improve Your Mood & Brain Health With Lithium Orotate

Lithium orotate does wonders for your brain and emotional health. It promotes a balanced mood, reduces irritability, and even boosts brain health. Plus, with lithium orotate, you’ll feel a sense of calm and clarity!

Miracle II Soap - The original multi-purpose liquid green soap replaces your bathing, laundry and household cleaning products. It's a soap, cleaning agent, degreaser, and deodorizer all in one!  Miracle II Soap cleans your home, laundry, face & skin, your car, and a whole lot more -- including your windows.  Naturally concentrated, and biodegradable. Dilute it to create solutions for your cleaning needs.

Miracle 11 Neutralizer - Alkalizing liquid to neutralize your body's PH.   Add to your drinking water to help balance your body's pH!   Makes one gallon of neutralizer liquid when mixed with one gallon of spring, distilled, or reversed osmosis water (preferably not tap water).



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