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Read our blog post: HealthPoint Kit - All You Need to Know!, where you can find videos demonstrating just how easy-to-use The HealthPoint device really is!

The HealthPoint Kit

The HealthPoint™ is an electro-acupressure device designed for home use, providing you with all the benefits of acupuncture – without needles.

The device allows you to become an expert at precisely locating the acupressure points anywhere on the body – giving fast, safe and effective support for over 160 health and pain conditions.

The HealthPoint™ kit comes with:

  • The HealthPoint Handheld Device

  • Carry Pouch to store your HealthPoint device

  • Mastering Acupuncture Manual outlining treatment instructions for over 160 health conditions

  • Auricular Ear Clips to support relaxation and stress relief

  • Cotton Bud Probe for points on the delicate eye area

  • Gold Probe attaches to the My HealthPoint™ electro-acupressure device, enabling you to locate hard-to-reach points around the body

In this video you can watch a demonstration of how to get started using the HealthPoint device: 


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