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Introducing Optidri technology from Optivida

Optidri gives us the ability to process fruits and vegetables in their entirety without any loss of color, flavor, or nutrients. And when we say entirety, we mean it. The whole food is processed skin, flesh, and even seeds. The whole food has many nutritional properties that are often thrown out. Optidri™ is the only technology capable of drying certain varieties of whole foods in their entirety. 

This technology is the backbone of their flagship product, Complete Essentials.

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Complete Essentials Drink

What customers are saying:

"I like that the vitamins are made from real food. I believe Frank has a short shipping time from where the fruits and vegetables are grown to processing the vitamin packets. I get good readings when my doctor checks my blood. The flavor is pleasant enough that I mix it with water filtered." -Martha

"I've been taking Complete Essentials for a few months now. Since taking this formula, my energy has improved and many of my GI issues are showing dramatic improvement. Because this is made from organic, whole foods I feel like I'm able to absorb the nutrients now and with the addition of enzymes, probiotics, etc in this product, I can now reduce the bottles of supplements I was taking prior. The powder mixes well. I add a splash of apple juice to mine with the water to make it tastier for my sweet tooth." -RVer

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