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O2Today Face Masks (25 count)

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O2Today Face Masks (25 count)

Frank Davis, the owner and founder of Optivida Health, is an owner and manager of the manufacturing company that creates these masks. While O2TODAY is waiting to receive National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) certification, these masks are available to the public.

Quality & Integrity: We are passionate about providing you nutritional products of quality and integrity that improve your overall health and wellbeing. This same passion carries over to the creation of these masks. The O2TODAY masks are created using premium U.S. materials that provide optimal filtration and breathability.

Internal & External Protection: Our goal by offering these masks is to provide your body with internal and external protection. Masks will provide you with the external protection needed to support your immune system. Our other products, like vitamin D, vitamin C, and Silver Liquid, are designed to support your immune system internally.

Product information

Provides 2-way protection for wearers and reduces exposure to fine particle aerosols, dust, and haze.

O2Health 2-way enhanced protection masks with close fit provide enhanced level of protection for users and others compared to other mask styles.

  • Filter testing performed at Nelson Labs, the leading global provider of laboratory testing for MedTech and pharmaceutical companies. See test results.

  • Over 98% filtration efficiency against particles down to size of .3 microns.

  • US manufactured meltblown filter layer is electrostatically charged to capture ultrafine particles and aerosols.

  • Hydrophobic exterior layer effective against fluid transmission.

  • Recommended for up to 8 hours of use per mask.

  • One size fits all.

  • Single-use.

For our People. By our People.

Masks made for our people, by our people. The made in America supply chain gives transparency to material and manufacturing processes not available with imported masks. This matters, not just for quality control, but as a statement that we can manufacture for and support our own communities domestically.

Additionally, due to the patented process used in the filtration material our masks have a 5-year shelf-life. Nearly all other single use masks will only have a shelf-life of only six months to one year.

Better than N95 Masks

Meets the qualification for N99 filtration with an average filtration efficiency of 98.62%

Medical Grade

Soon these masks will be used by frontline workers, like doctors around the U.S.

The Test Results

Extensive testing proves the effectiveness of O2TODAY masks

Better than N95 Masks:

N95 is a U.S. standard that requires a mask to filter out at least 95% of very small particles. O2TODAY tested their masks to see if they were as good or better than N95 masks. Testing showed a consistent value far exceeding the 95% threshold needed to be accepted for NIOSH N95 certification. The average filtration efficiency for O2TODAY masks is 98.65%. This also means that O2TODAY masks nearly meet the N99 qualifications for filtration. All while retaining compatible and lower breathing inhalation and exhalation resistance results than leading U.S. N95 mask brand; these factors contribute to greater comfort.

All National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) criteria for N95 filtration and breathability have been met.

The average filtration efficiency for O2TODAY masks is 98.65% making these masks more effective than N95 masks.

All testing has been performed in Nelson Labs, the premiere lab to pre-test for NIOSH-certified respirator masks.

All testing has been performed in Nelson Labs, the premiere lab to pre-test for NIOSH-certified respirator masks. Testing was performed in compliance with U.S. FDA good manufacturing practice (GMP) regulations.

Leading N95 Mask Comparison

Inhalation Resistance & Exhalation Resistance: These masks were tested by Nelson Labs for inhalation and exhalation resistance, testing the ease of breathability. The results were then compared to leading U.S. N95 mask brand. Based on the comparison, the following can be asserted:

  • Inhalation Resistance: Compared to the leading U.S. N95 mask, O2TODAY respirator results are equal or greater than most all masks tested.

  • Exhalation Resistance: Compared to the leading U.S. N95 mask, O2TODAY respirator results outperformed all but one model of tested masks. 

SPECIAL OFFER- Only available to the public while O2TODAY is waiting on specific certification

For a limited time, these masks are available to the public while O2TODAY are in the process of applying for NIOSH certification. Once this certification is granted, millions of these masks will be shipped out to medical facilities all over the country to ensure frontline workers' health and safety. Due to the current public health crisis, masks with this specific certification are required to go to frontline workers.

The information provided on the pages of this web site are intended as information only and are not a substitute for diagnosis and treatment by a physician or healthcare provider. If you have a health concern, please seek advise from a physician or health care provider specialized in your area of concern. Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing. These products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or.

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