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Liver Health (2 fl oz)

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Liver Health (Formerly Livatrex) (2 fl oz)

Herbal Liver Support Formula

Livatrex is a blend of powerful, carefully-selected herbs that contain antioxidants and other beneficial compounds. The compounds in this enhanced raw herbal extract naturally detoxify, flush, and purge the liver of fatty deposits, built-up toxins, and other impurities. This 30-day supply can help:
  • Clean the Liver
  • Improve Energy
  • Purify the Blood
  • Protect from Free Radicals
What Is Livatrex?
Livatrex is an enhanced Raw Herbal Extract blend of natural herbs that contain antioxidants and other beneficial compounds that naturally detoxify, flush, and purge the liver of deposits, built-up toxins, and other impurities. It helps protect against the impacts of poor diet, processed foods, daily stress, and the ingestion of harmful toxins to support healthy function of the liver and gallbladder.

Suggested Use

Take 1 ml in the morning and again in the evening, or as directed by your healthcare provider.


Serving Size: 1 ml
Servings Per Container: About 60

Amount Per Serving
Proprietary Blend
1 ml
*Organic Milk Thistle (seed), Wildcrafted Chanca Piedra (herb), Wildcrafted Borututu (root bark), Organic Reishi Mushroom, Organic Yellow Dock (root), Organic Dandelion (root), Organic Turmeric (root), Organic Chicory (root), Organic Peppermint (leaf)
*Daily Value (DV) not established
Other Ingredients: organic vegetable glycerin, triple-distilled water, energized trace minerals

The Top 5 Reasons to Take Livatrex

Eliminates Toxins & Built-up Waste

With Livatrex, the liver and gallbladder are cleaned by flushing out harmful toxins and buildup.

Supports Liver Function

A cleaner liver is a must for it to function at its peak and support your health from the inside out.

Promotes Smooth Digestion

Up the efficiency of your digestive system by eliminating the buildup that obstructs digestion.

Increases Healthy Bile Production

Livatrex supports bile production and promotes the flow of bile from your liver to your gallbladder.

Encourages Natural Detoxification

Livatrex helps the liver’s cleansing mechanisms that protect against the harmful effects of toxins.

“Did you know that your liver cleans over a liter of blood every minute? That’s a big job and a major part of your overall health. Why not give your liver a boost with Livatrex? It’s the best herbs for liver support concentrated into one amazing Raw Herbal Extract.”


The information provided on the pages of this web site are intended as information only and are not a substitute for diagnosis and treatment by a physician or health care provider. If you have a health concern, please seek advise from a physician or health care provider specialized in your area of concern. Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing. These products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition or disease.  

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