Jay’s Corner: February 2023

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Miracle Skin Healon Testimony

A few weeks back my morning started like every other morning until I received a phone call from my husband.  He goes on to tell me he burnt his hand while at work and wants to know if he should go to the Doctors office or come home to have me look at it.  Told him to stop what he's doing and come right home, let me evaluate the burn to decide where we go from here.  While waiting, I pulled out some totes from where I have all my emergency supplies. I grabbed my Miracle Skin Healon, gause and roll of tape.  When my husband arrived home he showed me his hand and on the inside of his palm it was white and blistered.  It really didn't look too severe so I made the decision to treat him at home.  I cleaned the area nicely with some silver.  Then once that was dry I put the Healon over the entire area.  It was very painful for him at this point.  I wanted to wait at least 15 minutes and apply the Healon again before applying the gause.  After 15 minutes I asked him where his pain level was from 100 to 0 ?  His reply was about 30!  So I did another application of the Healon then wrapped his hand with gauze and put tape around his hand to hold it in place.  Normally with burns you want to let it get air to help the healing process, but I know my husband and I knew he was going to go back to work.  When he returned home from work we went through the exact same process except for this time I did not wrap it and just told him to be carefull .  Again, I asked him where his pain level was and he said very little.  He was so amazed!  After a few days there was zero pain and no sign of a burn! What a miracle!  

Since I still had my emergency totes out in the garage, I decided to do an inventory on what my preparedness kit looks like.  I wanted to share with everyone what I think is important, so I’m sharing my inventory.

Besides guns, food, ammo, and plenty of each, I also have a shortwave radio that doubles as a cell phone charger. I have candles, lighters, matches, several oil lamps with extra bottles of oil and extra wicks. I have a can opener, plastic cutlery, hunting knives and several camping lanterns, garbage bags, and I also have lots of extra packages of different sizes of batteries.

I recently read an article that was intriguing, saying that in case of an emergency, if you need to heat your food or water, put a tea candle down in your large muffin pan and place your pan of water or food on the top.   WOW, now I have a bunch of tea candles in my kit as well! 

For first aid, I have band aids, ankle wraps, rubbing alcohol, and peroxide.

Some of the Power Mall products I find necessary to have in my kit are Miracle Skin Healon, LAM Cream and several bottles of Optivida Silver Liquid, which by the way has a 10 year shelf life!  I rotate my silver because I do drink it everyday.  I put a date on each bottle so that when I get one out of my emergency tote to use and I order more silver, the new one goes into the tote so I keep it as fresh as possible.  I also have several bottles of Transderma Minerals Magnesium Oil, Vita-Myr Toothpaste, and Miracle II Soap 

These are the things I have in my emergency preparedness, what's in your's?

Love you all!, 

Power Hour Jay

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