Jay's Corner: October 2022

I would like to share with everyone the results from my husband's blood work recently.  If you remember I did speak on air about his last visit to the doctors office. We were told that his lipid profile came back and his LDL (bad cholesterol) was elevated and they wanted to put him on a cholesterol lowering medication.  And of course we refused.  No way !!!  Search for yourself.  I read the book, Lipitor Thief of Memory” , If that doesn't scare you, then I don't know what would!

So, they said they wanted to see him in another 3 months to see if it had improved.

We agreed to that.  So in my mind I'm thinking we have to show them we can do this on our own.  Doing my research I found that the North American Herb & Spice company sells a product called Cholestamin.  Reading the label it states for supporting a healthy cholesterol response, is the power of crude red sour grape, wild raw kelp, garlic and whole food cumin seed powder.  Cocona, a South American fruit, has been studied for its powers in cholesterol and triglyceride support.

Now, keep in mind this also means changing your diet.  Upon reading I found that sugars and other certain foods will raise your cholesterol. 

So out went the Ho Ho's and cinnamon rolls, LOL 

More salads and better eating habits. 

After taking the 2 Cholestmin capsules everyday for a few months it was time to go back to the doctor for his lipid profile.  

Well I'm here to say within just 2 months his cholesterol went from 117 to 107!!!  They want it to be at 99 but they were surprised at the progress that was made so quickly. 

They told him to simply continue doing what we were doing.  We looked at each other and smiled. 

By sharing I just hope It can help some else!!


Another product I would like to highlight is a product called Miracle Skin Healon.

Over the years of selling this product, I've heard so much positive feedback.

One in particular really sticks out in my mind.  I had a customer call and tell me he was involved in a very serious car accident.  He had to have stitches in the side of his leg starting from the top of his waist to the bottom of his leg.  He told me he had heard of this product called Healon from many of our past shows.  He said he wanted to put it to the test!!  I asked him to please keep in touch and give me updates on the results.  When he called me back to order his 2nd bottle he was so excited!  Now keep in mind this is to be applied after the stitches are removed.  He told me the entire leg from top to bottom was healing so well and he was so impressed.  And a bit later he called to tell me there is minimal scarring.

He said you can hardly even tell he had stitches down his entire leg.  That does so much for your self confidence and appearance.

It's very much the same with our beloved pets.  My cat a few years back was in a cat fight and I believe he lost.  He came home and had an ear all torn up.

I applied the healon to his ear and after about 5 days applying it everyday, it no longer needed my attention. 

With the healon, remember a little bit goes a long ways.  Shake the bottle with every use and apply to the end of your finger tip and rub on the affected area.

This is amazing for burns also, I always have a bottle in my kitchen for those soon to be over burns.


It brings me such great joy to share these stories with all of you.

That's what it's all about folks, helping each other to improve our quality of life.



Power Hour Jay, 

God Bless, everyone!

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