Jay's Corner: March 2023

In this month's Jay's corner, I want to discuss some Global Healing Center products by Dr. Edward Group.  He is such a busy man, leading the way to vibrant health and vitality.  It's been difficult to book him on the Power Hour Radio show here of late and I absolutely love it when he is able to come on the air with us.  He has been coming on our radio show for many, many years now discussing his products so that each and every one of us can be informed to make the best health decisions for each of us, for we are all facing different health issues.

I'll start off with his Plant Based Kidney Health

This is an enhanced blend of potent natural herbs that contains antioxidants and other nutrients that cleanse the kidneys and encourage normal kidney function.

It is formulated to detoxify the kidneys of deposits and toxins.

It supports normal kidney function and defends these critical organs against the

effects of an unhealthy diet, occasional stress and harmful organisms.

It has a sweet, pleasant flavor, every 2oz bottle last 30 days when used as

directed.  A major part of the renal system, the kidneys make hormones involved in red blood cell production, regulates fluid levels in the body and eliminates debris in the blood.  The kidneys are responsible for filtering your blood and separating extra waste and water to produce urine.  The herbs in the Plant Based Kidney Health perform these functions smoothly.

What is in Plant Based Kidney Health:

Organic cranberry, organic juniper, organic horsetail, organic hydrangea, organic

Uva Ursi and organic ginko biloba.

Like all their herbal extract formulas, plant based kidney health is enhanced with Ormus Supercharged Minerals.  They boost the adsorption of the optimized formula so that it can quickly  and easily enter your bloodstream and start providing benefits.

Now let's talk about another product from Global Healing Center.

This is called Prostate Health plant based.

This product supports normal Prostate size and function.  Helps maintain urinary health also aids in complete emptying of the bladder.

Has your mighty river dwindled to a trickling stream?  Prostate health promotes normal urinary health.  Is made with natural herbs and botanicals.  No hormones or toxic additives.   What is in prostate health ?

Organic saw palmetto, organic pumpkin, organic nettle, organic elderberry, organic turmeric and organic tribulus terrestris.

This product is made with the ingredients of the highest quality. 

We will move on now to another product made by Global Healing Center, this product is called Paratrex

This is a unique formula designed to help create an environment that's hostile to invading organisms while promoting a natural cleansing of your body.  It's made with a blend of herbs and other all natural ingredients and it's enhanced with Fulvic acid to promote absorption.  If unwanted internal guests are affecting your health, Paratrex can help bring it all back to balance.

Paratrex is an advanced blend of natural ingredients that help rid the body of harmful organisms.

Type into your search engine “what is Ivermectin?”  The result says that ivermectin is an anti - parasite medication used to treat parasitic diseases.

It is FDA approved for use in humans to treat a variety of parasitic infections including parasitic worms, hookworms and whipworms.  It is a broad spectrum antiparasitic medication.

Back on track with paratrex, if your system is weighed down with harmful organisms, it will negatively impact your ability to digest food and absorb nutrients.

Cleaning out the invaders supports efficient digestion.

I remember back in the day we used to have Bruce Fife on our show.  We called him our coconut oil guy.  He says using 6 teaspoons of coconut oil everyday can prevent and fight off parasites.  I'm not a coconut person so I personally prefer the option of taking the Paratrex capsules.  Although I do put a tsp. per day in my dog's food.  My coconut oil is organic and from Wilderness Naturals.

What is in Paratrex:  organic black walnut, diatomaceous earth, organic neem, wild crafted wormwood, organic clove and fulvic acid

Supplementing with a maintenance serving of Oxy Powder product two to three times a week can help your body get rid of harmful organisms as they die off, as well as the toxins they release.

Oxy Powder uses natural oxygen to safely and effectively melt away compacted feces from your intestinal tract.  It's an easy way to stay regular and support a healthy lifestyle.  Whether it's due to unhealthy food, lack of activity or dehydration, everyone gets a little backed up at times.  Oxy powder gets it all out and helps to normalize your bowl movements.

Oxy Powder has only 2 ingredients, elemental magnesium (from ozonated magnesium oxides) and Citric acid.

We will now go on to the liquid Zinc from Global Healing Center

Zinc is an essential mineral that supports the immune system, digestive system, cellular growth and development, and more.

This certified organic liquid formula contains zinc derived from gauva leaves, enhanced with ormus supercharged minerals for increased bio-availability.

From your immune system to hormone balance, zinc affects hundreds of essential biological functions.  The plant derived zinc is all natural and gentle on your stomach.  The zinc in this formula is naturally bound to proteins and amino acids so your body can use them efficiently as an antioxidant, zinc is important for healthy aging and supports the bodies ability to repair everyday "wear and tear" on DNA, which leads to premature aging and health concerns.

While researching, zinc should be taken 2 hours away from other supplements to assure maximum absorption.  Global healing center zinc does not contain potassium, unlike most zinc supplements, including zinc gluconate, zinc picolinate, zinc sulfate and zinc citrate which are made with synthetic forms of the mineral, the zinc in this formula is naturally bound to plant proteins and amino acids so your body can use it efficiently.

Other products we carry from Global Healing Center:

Quercetin, Heavy Metal and Chemical Cleanse, a combo Calcium & Magnesium, Selenium, Detox Foot Pads, Plant Based Liver Health, Vegan Safe Vitamin B-12, Detoxadine & LateroFlora Probiotic.

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