Jay's Corner - October 2023

My next door neighbor visits frequently.  We were having a conversation on one of those visits about his health.  He told me his Cholesterol levels are a bit high, but he did not get a prescription for it.  Thank Goodness!!!  He went on to tell me he has been on blood pressure medication for about a year now and it makes him feel weird and or dizzy at times and he does not like feeling like that. 

So in my mind, I'm thinking, oh here's a chance to put our products to the test!  The next time I saw Glen I asked him when his next doctor appointment was.  He said in a few months from now.  Back at home I thought to myself I did see a drastic drop in my husband's cholesterol by using the NAHS product called cholestamin.  I took Glen over a bottle and explained to him to take 2 per day after he's had his lunch.  Then to let me know in a few months after his doctor's appointment how his cholesterol level is.  And he did.  Said his level of bad cholesterol was down.  His doctor told him to just keep doing whatever he was doing.  Glen was grinning from ear to ear.  I gave Glen another bottle of cholestamin and told him to let me know when he was getting low.  With this interaction I asked him, with his permission would he now like to start working on his blood pressure and getting off his meds.  And of course he gave me that look.  Like, what are you talking about?  I asked him what he takes and how much.  He said he takes 20 mg. of Lisinopril twice a day.  Once in the morning then again in the late afternoon.  I told him let me do some research and come up with a game plan

A few weeks later he came knocking on my door and was anxious to tell me that since lowering his cholesterol he has noticed his blood pressure has been a little low. He asked me, what's going on?  I started looking into it and found out there is a connection to both cholesterol and high blood pressure.  Found an article that states, the link between high blood pressure and high cholesterol goes in both directions.  When the body can't clear cholesterol from the bloodstream, that excess cholesterol can deposit along artery walls.  When the arteries become stiff and narrow from deposits, the heart has to work overtime to pump blood through them.  This is what causes blood pressure to go up and up.  (Study: High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure)

On our next visit we discussed SLOWLY getting off of his blood pressure medication.

This is very important that anyone on any medication, slowly gets off their meds.

Do not do this all of a sudden or completely at one time. 

Since Glen takes the lisinopril twice per day, I suggested to him that he starts just taking one per day.  Take the one in the morning and do not take the second one and let's go from there and see how that works for him.  I told him to take his blood pressure twice per day, every day so we can monitor the results, and of course record every reading. 

It was at this time I was already doing some research on Black Seed Oil, which we carry at The Power Mall.  I came across an article that says black seed oil has been shown to have a relaxing effect on the smooth muscles of the blood vessels, which can help to lower blood pressure (Study: The relaxant effect of Nigella sativa on smooth muscles, its possible mechanisms and clinical applications)..

So I took Glen over a bottle of black seed oil caps and told him to take 2 per day and stressed the fact that he should take it after he eats his lunch.  And again, monitor your blood pressure twice per day.  Morning and evening.  Write it down so we can keep track.  He did this for about the first month, he came over to see me and explained his blood pressure is reading lower and lower each day.  So I asked if he was ready for the next step.  Now, eliminate one of your pills per day.  Just take one in the morning and don't take the one in the afternoon.  Again write it down so we can monitor it.  Within the next few weeks he told me and showed me his chart and all readings were below 120/80.

So I asked him if he was ready for the next step, now only takes one per day on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  We have been monitoring that for 8 weeks now and the highest reading on his chart is 128/78   That's the highest!  That is where we stand at this point.  My job now is to not let him run out of the black seed oil and eventually he's gonna be off his meds.  And he's feeling so much better and healthier.  It's been a process, but he says it's been well worth it

A few other notes from Jay on products she uses in her daily routine:

I put the Optivida silver in a spray bottle and begin my morning with spraying my face and eyes

The silver I use is the 16oz. liquid by Optivida.

I use Willard Water Aloe Gel in my hair, while still wet as a hair gel.  I have longer hair and it manages my hair wonderfully

I purchased a silver accessory kit from Optivida. It contains an empty nasal spray bottleI put the Optivida Silver Liquid in it and spray into my nasal passages to relieve allergy symptoms or for congestion or a head cold.

I use the NAHS Oil of Black Seed on the bottom of my feet at night before going to bed.

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