Is the U.S. Food System Failing You?

Complete nutrition is unavailable because of the U.S. Food System.

Here's Why

1. Plants are robbed of nutrients by depleted soils, monocropping, tillage, compaction, and lack of mulching.

Nutrients in our food have declined over the past 30 years

Apples have seen a 41% decline in vitamin A while broccoli has seen a 50% decline in both vitamin A and calcium. 

2. Plants lose nutrition through prolonged handling, shipping, and storage. 

Vegetables lose up to half their nutrients before being eaten. 

In less than 24 hrs of refrigeration, spinach loses 90%of its vitamin C. Green beans lose 77% of its vitamin C within one week of refrigeration. 

3. Plants lose nutrition caused by separating, peeling, pasteurizing, drying, and cooking. 

Typical Maximum Nutrient Losses vs. Raw Food

Source: USDA table of nutrient retention factors (2007)

4. Fewer people like shopping and cooking, while processed foods are considered more tasty, convenient, and often perceived to cost less.

Meantime cooking meals has decreased by about 40% since 1965

Is there a nutritional solution?

Complete Essentials is a plant-based whole food supplement with daily nutrients. 

For less than $3 a day, your body gets all of its essential nutrients.

We use a proprietary process to turn fruits and vegetables picked at the peak of freshness into a powder form. This process ensures no loss of any color, flavor, or nutrients. It's better than fresh. 

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