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Latero-Flora Probiotic (60 CT)
Probiotic Supplement for a Healthy Colon
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Oreganol P73 Oil Super Strength (1fl oz )
Triple strength oregano oil P73 - a blend of edible species of wild oregano grown on natural mineral rich soils.
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Living Streams Multi-Blend Liquid Probiotic (4 oz)
Natural by-product of friendly bio-organisms (probiotics) that have been specially cultured and developed to produce the natural anti-infective substances the human body was meant to receive from flora in the intestinal tract
OregaRESP (90 CT)
OregaRESP is the only multiple spice extract made with handpicked spices from remote mountain regions
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OregaMax (90 CT)
Original wild, high-mountain P73 oregano with the power of photonic energy, of mountain rocks and sun. Contains the flavonoid quercitin as well as the key minerals calcium and magnesium
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Zinc & Copper Re-Natured®
Zinc functions as a potent antioxidant - optimum balance of the two nutrients ensuring that they both work in partnership with each other and support one another in all of their important functions within the body.
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 Iron & Molybdenum Re-Natured®
The main role of iron in the body is in the red blood cells, here it combines with a protein and copper to form a substance called haemoglobin
Silver Gel 24ppm (4 oz)
Topical Silver Gel
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Silver Lozenges 60PPM (21 Pieces)
Provides soothing action
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Silver Liquid 10ppm (16 oz )
Silver Liquid 10ppm
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ChagaMax (90 CT)
Fortified with the powers of wild oregano and wild birch bark. Only North American Herb & Spice combines wild chaga with wild oregano to create extremely powerful immune support
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Selenium (60 CT)
Highly bioavailable and vegan-friendly, this essential trace mineral functions as a powerful antioxidant and supports a healthy thyroid and immune system
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