How To Grow Lots Of Food In A Grid Down Situation Even If You Have No Experience

Join Marjory Wildcraft for an Educational Seminar on How To Grow Lots Of Food In A Grid Down Situation Even If You Have No Experience

The cost of beef, chicken, tomatoes, potatoes, and milk is up. 

One sneaky way companies have kept you from noticing is by reducing the size of the packages and their contents. For example, I just saw what used to be a 16 ounce can of beans that now only contains 13.5 ounces, for the same price. 

According to the UN FAO Food Price Index, prices are up 39% in the last 12 months. 

Is this as temporary as the Fed is suggesting?

Let me show you why you should not always depend on the government.

Of all the U.S. dollars that have been created throughout history, 40% of them were “printed” in the last 12 months. The more dollars there are, the less any single dollar is worth. And it is not surprising that food prices have climbed 39%—which completely matches the 40% rate of dollar creation. 

Regardless of which political party you choose, congressmen have always agreed on one thing: spending money they don’t have. And the amounts keep getting bigger and bigger. As I’m writing this, there is a $3.6 trillion package being pushed through. And there are more stimulus bills coming behind that. 

We are well on the path of out-of-control inflation that will never be reined in.

And it is happening right Now. In the coming weeks and months, you’ll see the prices of food doubling, then tripling, then jumping by 10X. It’s called hyperinflation, and we are headed straight into it. 

It will get to where you simply cannot afford to eat.

For example: In Weimar, Germany, in 1922, the cost for a single loaf of bread went from 160 marks to over 200,000,000,000 marks within 11 months.

This is coming to America.

What you need is to learn how to never have to buy food. 

How could that be? 

It’s simple. 

You can grow your own. 

It’s a lot easier than you think.

Join Marjory Wildcraft on Saturday, December 4, at 2:00 p.m. CS for a free educational webinar on the fastest and easiest ways to produce a lot of great-tasting food—even if you are older, out of shape, and have no experience. You’ll learn how much space you need, what’s easiest to grow, and how to get started today. You’ll complete the webinar with a complete plan for producing all the food you and your family needs. 

You won’t care if grocery store shelves are empty—you’ll be completely free of the system….

Register today. The most popular part of the free livestream event is the Q&A after the presentation, so come with your questions you want answered!

BTW, your presenter for the webinar is Marjory Wildcraft. She foresaw the 2008 financial crash and dismantled her successful real estate investing business right on time—saving millions. In 2009, she founded The Grow Network, an online community of over half a million homesteaders, preppers, and organic farmers, where she’s been teaching people how to grow food for over a decade. 

Marjory is the author of The Grow System: The Essential Guide to Modern Self-sufficient Living; has been featured by National Geographic as an expert in off-grid living; and is featured in "Who's Who in America" for her work in building deep community resilience, restoring heirloom genetics in gardens and livestock, and advancing the return to natural medicine across the nation. 

You don’t want to miss this.

Click Here to register for this free educational webinar  Saturday, December 4, at 2:00 p.m. CS


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