Harmful Invaders Don't Stand a Chance!

Harmful invaders don’t stand a chance!

This powerhouse will create an environment inside you that is unwelcoming to harmful organisms.

Harmful organisms can creep in and do serious damage. These invaders can weaken your vital organs, pollute your body with waste, and impair your immune system! No, thanks. Plus, sometimes you may not even know you have invaders in your system. This is why we recommend cleansing once a year.

Paratrex® Invader Cleanse

Natural Blend of Herbs


Digestive Health Advanced Cleanse

Paratrex is a unique formula designed to help create an environment that’s hostile to invading organisms while promoting a natural cleansing of your body. It’s made with a blend of herbs and other all-natural ingredients, and it’s enhanced with fulvic acid to promote absorption. If unwanted, internal guests are affecting your health, Paratrex can help bring it all back in balance.

  • Cleanses Your Body of Harmful Organisms
  • Supports Normal Digestive Health
  • Boosts the Immune System


Tips for Taking Paratrex

Recommended Use:

Take 2 capsules 20 minutes before breakfast and 20 minutes before lunch, or as recommended by your healthcare provider. Drink plenty of water while using Paratrex.

For best results, use for 60 days (requires additional bottle).


Take Oxy-Powder®

Supplementing with a maintenance serving of Oxy-Powder two to three times per week can help your body get rid of harmful organisms as they die off, as well as the toxins they release.

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Support Your Gut

Supplement with a probiotic that populates the intestinal tract with beneficial bacteria. Latero-Flora encourages cleansing and balance throughout your digestive system and boosts immune system.

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