Get prepared With North American Herb & Spice Immune Support Products

Are you ready for the next several months of cold weather?

Be prepared and feel the peace of mind that comes with North American Herb & Spice Immune support products.

You will love our exciting lineup this Fall and Winter season:

Oreganol P73 Super Strength- After 30 years of innovation and excellence, we are still the only daily-use mountain-grown wild oregano choice that you and your family can count on for your vital immune system support. Oreganol p-73 can be used in softgels, with drops under the tongue, or even topically for healthy skin and inflammation support. Make sure you stock up! We recommend 3-5 drops or 1 soft gel daily to preemptively supercharge the immune system.

OregaSpray 4fl oz family size- It’s a non-toxic multiple spice oil formula that will refresh the air around you while cleansing surfaces and anything it touches, all while naturally supporting your respiratory response. Take it with you in the car or when traveling, and always have this spray working for you wherever you go. It’s the ideal solution for those with children, pets, or anyone sensitive to harsh chemical cleaning sprays and has a pleasant calming lavender scent!

SinuOrega nasal wash- helps you breathe like you wouldn't believe! Are your sinuses bothering you? This is the only sinus nasal wash and spray with the powerful support of wild spice oils to deal with your fungal root cause. You will feel the difference with our bay leaf, clove, sage, and oregano ingredients. The rest is sea salt and water, so it is entirely pure. Support the health of your nasal pathways when you need it the most!

OregaResp 90ct- This is the only formula that combines the wild spice oil powers of

Cumin, Oregano, Sage, Ginger, and Cinnamon in one convenient and concentrated

capsule! It was designed for your respiratory tract to help with bronchial restriction,

work on congestion causing mucus, support the body’s anti-inflammatory response, and aid your Immune system’s job of defeating the pathogenic enemies that invade our lungs. You can feel the oxygen while you breathe easier knowing OregaResp is in your corner.

Oil of Black Seed- An herb you cannot live without. It impacts every system in the body and works synergistically with Oregano for excellent immune coverage. NAHS offers a premium Turkish black seed oil that is always freshly cold-pressed on location. You can use it orally to support proper digestion, heart, detoxification, and respiratory function, or explore the topical benefits for skin, hair, and nail health! Black Seed boasts impressive studies on its powerful immune strengthening capabilities.

Purely C- always from whole freeze dried 100% raw berries filled to the brim with natural vitamin C for the most optimal absorption possible. Real whole food vitamin C contains all the cofactors your body needs to get the most our of your Immune function. Cofactors such as Quercetin, for example, is present in this formula. Most other vitamin C supplements are from chemical reactions and struggle to provide the absorption you require, that’s why you have to take so much of it to feel it. With Purely C, you can be efficient and reap the benefits immediately. Support your white blood cell count, antioxidant response, energy and more with Purely C.

Orega-O gummies- Have you ever heard of a healthy gummy before? NAHS has pioneered the first of its kind for both adults and children! 100% free of corn and tapioca syrups, refined sugars, animal gelatin, artificial additives & preservatives, it is fortified with real concord grape and the top 2 immune ingredients in the world, black seed and oregano p73 oils! The best part of all this entirely plant-based gummy is the delicious taste and guilt-free satisfaction you experience without the dreaded insulin spikes. This makes them the perfect healthy snack for people of all ages! Make sure you grab some before they are all gone…

When it comes to what you choose to put in your body, always pick the best, and never settle for less! Every ingredient in North American Herb & Spice formulas has a health benefit, and you will never have to worry about fillers, solvents, or artificial preservatives when you choose this brand. Every ingredients serve our health.

North American Herb & Spice are 10% off for a limited time at The Power Mall so make sure to stock up on your immune system products now!!

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