GalaComm4: The End Is Near by Martin St. James

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GalaComm4: The End Is Near by Martin St. James

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Since H. G. Wells everyone has speculated that the coming of an alien civilization would be to invade, plunder and pillage our planet, but is that really the only scenario?GalaComm4 ponders on a different type of alien visitation, one that has far reaching implications to our modern day society.Enter into a comical world where aliens visit planet Earth and take a peek as to how they would see us.Excerpts:“Life is so scarce and unique that it is the only valuable resource in the Galaxy and the universe. Everything else is so much icing on the cake. And when we say ‘resource’ we do not imply a 'harvestable’ resource, but rather the galaxy’s resource for attaining the goals of a Divine Plan, whatever that may be." Judy asks, “There have been rumors among those that harbor alien ideas and conspiracies that we were implanted on earth, is there any truth to that?”GalaComm giggles then responds, “Good one. Do you want the real truth?”“I think that we deserve at least that.” Answers McCarthy.“The fact is that you are implanted on planet earth….”The outcry and disappointment from the hosts is evident, “No, that can’t be! How can you talk about Divine intervention and then tell us that we’re nothing more than implants?”GalaComm waits for the excitement to die down then quite calm responds, “Are you quite through? When we said that you were implanted on your planet, we were trying to tell you that you were Divinely implanted through a Divinely inspired ‘evolution’. Nobody went and took some humans to your planet to ‘populate’ it with Homo sapiens. Besides, where’s your faith and trust? Look at all the evidence that you have found on your planet of cave man, prehistoric man and the like. The evidence is all around you. Could an artificially implanted species evolve along the lines specified by the implantee? No way, there are far too many variables. Your archeological and geological evidence is overwhelming. You are a true native species."“Another of the Galactic Command’s duties is to monitor visitations to planets like yours, in other words undeveloped and uncivilized. We’re not going to tell you whether or not you’ve been visited by aliens, but we will tell you this, under Galactic Law no planet that has the possibility of developing intelligent life is allowed to be visited, by anybody. The Galactic command monitors its progress but it doesn’t interfere. For that reason your planet has never been allowed to be visited before, probably because we’re still waiting to see whether there is intelligent life on your planet."Buzz cuts in rather molested “Now wait a minute here. What do you mean you’re ‘waiting to see if there’s intelligent life here’! What in the hell are we?"GalaComm laughs then continues, “Good question, we’ve been asking ourselves that same question for the longest time! A dominant species that preys upon itself? Self-Predator species have only one possible end, extinction! By their own hand or by ours! We’ve already told you that we have had to intervene because you pose a real threat to your Galactic neighbors. Those neighbors and we are not going to wait till you begin killing innocent victims on another planet before we do something about it,..."“What are we trying to tell you? Simple, space is not a place to reside in, it is a temporary place that you utilize to go from here to there and back, and that’s it!"“Space exploration requires the cooperation of many planetary systems because as we have said, you need stops, tune-ups and the like, especially a rest from space. Yes people, understand this well, space drives you crazy!"
  • Paperback: 494 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 12, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1542734673
  • ISBN-13: 978-1542734677
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 1.2 x 9 inches

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