Current Promotions: May 23 - 27, 2022

On Sale This Week @ The Power Mall

10% off Miracle II


10% off Willard Water


Please note: The new Eye Complex has DOM 03/22 on the bottle… this is not an expiration date but a date of manufacturing.  (we’ve had a few callers that have called Jay thinking their eye complexes are out of date).


NEW from Optivida: Basic Essentials

Basic Essentials has a lot of what makes Complete Essentials great, but in a smaller, cheaper, more portable package! 

Non-GMO and Organic whole food? Check!

Just like you've come to expect from Optivida, we only use the purest ingredients. No synthetic nonsense! 

9 servings of fruits and vegetables? Check!

We packed tons of nutrient goodness into Basic Essentials. We've stepped up and did what other Multi-Vitamins just can't do.

Super easy to bring with you anywhere? Check!

Basic Essentials is in a capsule supplement, making it easier than ever to get your nutrients when and where you need!

NEW Book @ The Power Mall: Head to Toe Calcium Bentonite Clay by Perry A. - Can be purchased in 1 or 4 lbs


We have a few different Grown by Nature supplements on closeout due to approaching Best By dates.  These will be listed at 50% off:

  • Iron & Molybdenum

  • Calcium

  • Potassium

  • VItamin E

  • ZInc

Also, Hysorb Q10 from Good Health Naturally will be on closeout

View all of our closeouts here:

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