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EyeComplex Special pricing- Last week to save!

The price of Eye Complex CS will be increasing by $3 due to added ingredients and inflation (this price increase was from the manufacturer, not us, just so everyone understands).  We will be offering the new formula for the same price as the original which is $49.95 from Friday, April 22nd - Friday April 29th ONLY.  The price after that date will be $52.95.

The bottles now contain 120 capsules per bottle and dose is 4 per day instead of 3, this allows for the increase in new ingredients, pills are smaller (easier to swallow) but total of 4 has more than 3 of the older ones

10% off Optivida Products

NEW from Optivida: Basic Essentials

Basic Essentials has a lot of what makes Complete Essentials great, but in a smaller, cheaper, more portable package! 

Non-GMO and Organic whole food? Check!

Just like you've come to expect from Optivida, we only use the purest ingredients. No synthetic nonsense! 

9 servings of fruits and vegetables? Check!

We packed tons of nutrient goodness into Basic Essentials. We've stepped up and did what other Multi-Vitamins just can't do.

Super easy to bring with you anywhere? Check!

Basic Essentials is in a capsule supplement, making it easier than ever to get your nutrients when and where you need!

Easier on the wallet? Check!

For many of us, the choice to get Complete Essentials can be a financial decision all on it's own. So we kept the basics and cut the price almost in half.

—> 15% off promotion for Basic Essentials this week!


  • SAM-e Plus+ (60 CT) - 50% off

  • Tranquil - 50% off

  • Iron & Molybdenum Re-Natured® (60 CT) - 50% off

NEW @ The Power Mall: Head to Toe Calcium Bentonite Clay by Perry A. - Can be purchased in 1 or 4 lbs

NEW, by CHARCOAL HOUSE, softer activated charcoal tablets (260mg) for internal use - indigestion, gas, nausea. Handy for travelers - in the glove compartment or in the luggage. Our chewable charcoal tablets also work well for oral/dental complaints. For affected teeth just place a tablet/s next to the tooth or sore gum area. Good to suck on for a sore throat or bad breath. Rinse mouth with water when done and swallow. Vegetarian, NON-GMO and gluten free.

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