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  • North American Herb & Spice Purely Liver - Grass-fed and finished beef liver is the most nutritious food you can possibly eat! That is why NAHS created PurelyLIVER, a 100% grass-fed and finished New Zealand beef liver with no additives or chemicals.

  • Dr. Willard's PlantCatalyst -A natural plant grown alternative. Invented more than 40 years ago by award winning chemist, Dr. John W. Willard (PhD Purdue University), PlantCatalyst® is a water additive that boosts a plant’s ability to more fully absorb and utilize nutrients. This proprietary blend improves the uptake and assimilation of nutrients into plant cells so that they can devote more energy to growing and flourishing.

  • Optivida Sugr-2-Fibr

  • Heaven’s Harvest Organic Emergency Food Kit

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