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NOW BACK IN STOCK: Grown by Nature Pro-Magnesium & 10% off this week!

Pro-Mag X (Extra Magnesium) - 60 tablets in a glass bottle

Pro-Mag X tablets are effectively an organic matrix form of magnesium, complete with natural amino acid carriers to ensure transport to sites of need within the body. Pro-Mag X offers 100 mg per tablet potency and is combined in a probiotic culture which is a non-dairy yogurt (lactobacillus bulgaricus).

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Optivida Winter Wellness Bundle 

Bundle Includes:

  • Silver Lozenges x2 (Retail $13.50 = $27)

  • Vitamin C x1 (Retail $21.95)

  • Vitamin D x1 (Retail $21.95)

Bundle Retail =  $70.90

Sale Price =  $53

Don’t forget to add your Silver Gel 24ppm & Optivida Silver Liquid 10ppm to complete your winter wellness bundle!

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