Current Promotions: April 27 - May 01, 2020

Power Mall Sales - April 27 - May 01, 2020:

10% off North American Herb & Spice

Strauss & Iron Earth Products 10% off

Gardening Product of Interest: Iron Earth (Created by Wayne Elliott)

REMSleep & NEW Tranquil formula 10% off 

New Products @ The Power Mall: 

  • Healthy Balance from Mother Earth Minerals back by popular demand!

  • Silver Solution 30ppm - 16 Oz -Dr Gordon Pedersen, Phd, who invented the nano silver  industry has invented a new nano silver product with an alkaline structured water base.

Now back in stock:

  • Purely C from NAHS

  • Vitamin C from Grown by Nature

  • Zinc from Grown by Nature

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