Current Promotions: April 11 - 15, 2022

On Sale This Week @ The Power Mall:

10% off Strauss Naturals Products

10% off Optivida Products

NEW @ The Power Mall: Head to Toe Calcium Bentonite Clay by Perry A. - Can be purchased in 1 or 4 lbs

NEW, by CHARCOAL HOUSE, softer activated charcoal tablets (260mg) for internal use - indigestion, gas, nausea. Handy for travelers - in the glove compartment or in the luggage. Our chewable charcoal tablets also work well for oral/dental complaints. For affected teeth just place a tablet/s next to the tooth or sore gum area. Good to suck on for a sore throat or bad breath. Rinse mouth with water when done and swallow. Vegetarian, NON-GMO and gluten free.


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