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Activated Charcoal Tablets - 135 CT

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Activated Charcoal Tablets - 135 CT

NEW, by CHARCOAL HOUSE,  softer activated charcoal tablets (260mg) for internal use - indigestion, gas, nausea. Handy for travelers - in the glove compartment or in the luggage. Our chewable charcoal tablets also work well for oral/dental complaints. For affected teeth just place a tablet/s next to the tooth or sore gum area. Good to suck on for a sore throat or bad breath. Rinse mouth with water when done and swallow. Vegetarian, NON-GMO and gluten free.

USP (US Pharmacopoeia) Food Grade activated charcoal tablets are made from steam activated Hardwood charcoal and have been processed to meet purification standards required for medical use.

Activated Charcoal Uses for All Ages

From treating colic in babies to diabetic ulcers in seniors, the uses of activated charcoal spans all ages. From birth, it will ease the discomfort of colic and ear infections, and then treat spider bites and abrasions as the child grows. Best of all, you can rest assured that you are using one of the safest natural remedies available today.

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