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40 Packet Seed Kit

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40 Packet Seed Kit

Gardening Basics Booklet Included
1 packet per variety, unless noted

*Bush Bean x 2 (Our Choice between 5 - Contender, Provider, Top Crop, Blue Lake or Jade)
*Lima Bean (Henderson's Bush Lima Bean)
*Pole Bean (Our Choice between 3 – Blue Lake Pole,  Rattlesnake or Kentucky Wonder)
*Beet (Our Choice between 2 - Bull's Blood and Detroit Dark Red)
*Broccoli (Our Choice between 2 - Green Sprouting Calabrese or Waltham 29)
*Cabbage (Our Choice between 5 – Early Jersey, Copenhagen Market, Premium Late Flat Dutch,   Red Acre, or Charleston Wakefield)
*Carrot (Our Choice Between 3 - Scarlet Nantes, Danvers 126, or Little Finger)
*Cauliflower   (Snowball Y Improved Cauliflower)
*Corn  (Our Choice Between 5 - Golden Bantam Improved Sweet, Stowell’s Evergreen Sweet (white)       Hickory King Yellow Dent, Hickory King White Dent, or Reid's Yellow Dent)
*Cucumber  (Our Choice Between 4 - Boston Pickling, National Pickling, Marketmore 76, or Homemade Pickles)
*Eggplant (Long Purple)
*Kale (Our choice between Dwarf Siberian Kale or Red Russian Kale
*Lettuce x 2  (Lettuce Mix 5 kinds)
*Cantaloupe  ( Hale's Best Jumbo)
*Okra (Our Choice Between 2 - Clemson Spineless or Long Pod Green)
*Onion  (Tokyo Long White Bunching Onion)
*Greens x 2   (Arugula and Georgia Southern Collard Greens)
*Edible Pod Pea (Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea)
*Shell Pea (Green Arrow Garden Pea)
*Hot Pepper x 2 (Our Choice Between 5 - Ancho, Cayenne Long Thin, Early Jalapeno, Serrano or Habanero Orange)
*Sweet Pepper x 2 (Our Choice Between 5 - California Wonder 300 TMR, Purple Beauty,          Golden Cal Wonder, Orange King or Sweet Banana)
*Radish (Garden Radish Mix (5 kinds)
*Rutabaga/Turnip (American Purple Top Rutabaga or Purple Top White Globe Turnip)
*Spinach (Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach)
*Summer Squash  (Our Choice between Golden Summer Crookneck or Early Pro Straightneck)
*Zucchini Squash (Our Choice Between 2 - Black Beauty or Cocozelle)
*Winter Squash (Our Choice Between 4 - Connecticut Field or Howden Pumpkin, Butternut Waltham,           Table Queen (acorn), Vegetable Spaghetti)
*Pink Tomato (Arkansas Traveler)
*Purple Tomato (Our choice between 3 - Cherokee Purple, Japanese Trifle or Black Krim)
*Red Tomato (Our Choice Between 4 - Beefsteak, Rutgers, Amish Paste or Roma)
*Watermelon (Our Choice Between 3 - Black Diamond, Jubilee, or Charleston Grey)

*Herbs x 4   (Genovese or Italian Sweet Basil, Cilantro, Dill, and Parsley)

100% Heirlooms

Superior flavor, unique and diverse for your garden and your taste buds.


True-to-type and capable of producing its own seed supply year after year.

High Quality

All seeds have surpassed requirements to insure germination that meets your standards AND ours.

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82 points will be rewarded to you when you buy this item.

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