13 ways to use your Precious Prills
Here are 13 ways to use your Precious Prills

Use Case #1 — Drinking Prill Water 

Because water affects 70% of our bodies, the quality of the water we consume must significantly impact our health. Drinking clean, contaminant-free water with live water prill beads is a cost-effective option. They’re also made of magnesium oxide, generated from naturally occurring magnesium salts found in rich brine deposits about 2500 feet down. When utilized in conjunction with your water dispenser, the water from live prill beads is PH balanced to around 7.4.

Drinking your Prill Water provides superior hydration at the cellular level. 

Use Case #2 — Cooking with Prill Water 

Not only does cooking with Prill Water give you many of the same benefits of structured water, but it also improves the taste of everything you put in your mouth. 

When cooking, replace your regular water with Prill Water whenever possible. 

Use Case #3 — Feeding it to pets and plants 

Energized water has amazing benefits for humans. 

And you know what? 

It has many similar benefits for your pets and plants too. 

Use Case #4 — Bathing with your Prill Water 

When you bathe with Prill Water, not only does it give you an exquisite rejuvenating soak, but it also moisturizes your skin. 

And that’s not all: 

When you drain your Prill Water, the waste water goes into the process of transforming the water in your area. 

When bathing, put 2 gallons of Prill water in a bathtub, then fill with hot tap water. 

Use Case #5 — Using your Prill Water in your humidifier 

Breathing Prill Water vapor helps ease sinus and lung problems. 

It repels black mold. Eliminates odors. And creates a healthier indoor environment. 

Since we covered the 5 main (and most “complex”) uses of Prill Water, here are some additional uses for your Prill Water: 

6. Cleaning and/or marinating fruits & vegetables to enhance flavor (raw or juiced) 

7. Spraying the bottom of your frying pan and/or the top of your food when cooking, for added moisture when desired. 

8. Spraying and wiping dirty counters and sinks to clean. 

9. Using it your toilet tank to help clean septic systems (may corrode plastic or metal over long periods of time).

10. Spraying on your face and hands to clean. 

11. Spraying it into your mouth or on your toothbrush to clean. 

12. Cleaning baby’s bottom at diaper changes.

13. Placing cut flowers in it to extend their life. 

Or you can replace regular water with Prill Water any other time you use water. 

Whew, talk about a ton of use cases! 

Keeping your Prills clean is important when you’re using your Prill Water often. 

Here’s how to clean your Precious Prills

Over time, some people have seen their Prills change color. Either from algae growth — which is stronger when exposed to sunlight. Or from mineral buildup — due to hard water. 

The color doesn’t affect the functioning of your Precious Prills. And we have seen gray, beige, orange, blue, and green — depending on the water source (calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, etc.)

To restore your Precious Prills to clear and white, simply immerse the whole bag in plain vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide 3% (pharmacy grade), or full strength vinegar. Rinse thoroughly, and start over.

It’s as easy as that! 

I hope I gave you some ideas for using your Precious Prills when you receive them. 

Remember to let them sit in a glass or ceramic jug for 24 hours before you use them. 

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