Vita-Myr Natural Mouthwash - 16 oz

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Vita-Myr Natural Mouthwash - 16 oz
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Vita-Myr Natural Mouthwash - 16 oz

VITA-MYR Mouthwash is an all-natural product with Zinc and Folic Acid to gently assist your body's natural immune system. The ancient powers of Clove and Myrrh are added to purify and soothe. It contains no alcohol, no sugar, no artificial sweeteners & no preservatives.

Unhealthy gums with gum disease can reduce a person's biological age by up to 6.4 years. Why? Because "studies show that the presence of periodontal disease (gum disease) most common in people with tooth loss, actually affects longevity. The best of these studies, done at Emory University in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control, indicates that people with gingivitis and periodontal disease (gum disease) have a mortality rate that is 23% to 46% higher than those who don't."
Keeping your gums clean and healthy may help reduce the risk of many illnesses, including heart disease , states the manufacturers of Vita-Myr.

To combat gum disease, VITA-MYR will assist in killing the bacteria that cause gingivitis as well as reducing swelling and inflammation of the gums. VITA-MYR'S natural ingredients encourage wound healing, repairing, and replacing gum tissue damaged by bacteria and the infection of the gums and teeth. Additionally, VITA-MYR ingredients include natural constituents that reduce inflammation to ease the pain and sensitivity of the gum tissue and teeth as well as to encourage healing. Further, VITA-MYR'S natural ingredients have antibacterial properties to assist the body inhibiting the bacteria in plaque and helps to eliminate gum disease (peridontal disease)

Only Natural Ingredients!
Folic Acid
Myrrh Oil
Distilled Water

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