Silver Shield Sanitizer - 12 oz

Silver Shield Sanitizer - 12 oz

True Colloidal Silver Sanitizer for Hands and Surfaces

Silver Botanicals
Silver Shield Sanitizer - 12 oz

For a delightfully fresh and clean environment

A very versatile and effective household product, that doesn't contain harsh fragrances, skin irritants, or unpronounceable synthetic chemicals.

Concerned about harmful germs?

Silver Shield Sanitizer, literally, disperses quadrillions of nanosilver particles with every spray. Silver Shield Santiizers' optimized and concentrated formula effectively combats a broad spectrum of microbes. It is safe to use on household surfaces, linens, clothing and skin. It also has a pleasant, uplifting scent and contains no fragrances (fragrance grade oils) -- we use only pure essential oils. You can use it in your car, at work, in your kitchen, in your bathroom, on household appliances, on electronics buttons and light switches. Silver Shield Sanitizer does not stain, or tarnish materials.

The long-lasting effectiveness of colloidal nanosilver

  • We use safe and effective true colloidal nanosilver which provides a lasting shield against rapid growth of microbes. Silver Shield Sanitizer is a high quality, cost-effect solution for keeping you and your household clean -- Naturally!
  • Silver Shield Sanitizer can be used personal sanitizer for your hand or any other area. It's also intended as a finishing spray for any surface to provide a lasting shield of protection. It can be used to deodorize smelly items around the house e.g. sneakers, hampers, clothes, watch wrist-bands, hats, shoes, cat litter boxes, around the bathroom, or the kitchen sink. It can also be used to combat germs on items like remote controls, keyboards, wall switches, door handles, etc. Not only that, Silver Shield Sanitizer is excellent for sanitizing and deodorizing your vehicle. Silver Shield Sanitizer can protect virtually hundreds of possible surfaces with an invisible film of colloidal silver particles
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