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Silver Shield Dog & Bedding Spray - 12 fl oz

Silver Shield Dog & Bedding Spray - 12 fl oz

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Silver Botanicals

Silver Shield Dog & Bedding Spray - 12 fl oz

A powerful multi-use spray for your Dog!

Silver Shield Dog & Bedding Spray is excellent for those who are concerned about germs and pests that live within our dogs' coats and in their bedding. It is an effective deodorizer that leaves your dog with a wonderful scent--a scent that is pleasant to you and also to your dog--formulated with a blend of essential oils that calm and benefit your dogs health. It is also an effective pest (e.g. fleas & ticks) deterrent for both your dog and his/her bedding. Lastly, it leaves quadrillions of silver nanoparticles on your dog and his/her bedding to provide continual, safe and effective protection.

Silver Shield Dog & Bedding Spray kills bacteria, fungus, mildew, mites and other agents bad for your dog's coat and health. It's a powerful multiuse sanitizer! Good to use on your dog's toys, bedding and favorite carpet areas.

Key properties

  • Colloidal silver provides for continual antimicrobial protection.
  • Deters pests that like to hide in your dog's coat and bedding.
  • Can protect areas where bacteria, fungus, mold and mites may inhabit.
  • This formulation can also be sprayed onto dog toys, leashes, collars, etc.
  • 100% All-Natural, Colloidal Silver & Essential Oil Formulation.
  • Non-startling sprayer-mist action, designed such that your dog should not feel alarmed.

Helps heal minor scuffs and scrapes

Specially formulated as a protective deodorizer that also deters bugs, mites and parasites. Plus, soothes and calms your dog through carefully selected essentials oils.
  • Deodorizes

  • Sanitizes

  • Deters bugs, mites and parasites

  • Pleasant calming scent

  • Safe and effective

  • Petro-chemical free

  • Made with true colloidal nanosilver

  • Made with pure essential oils

  • Animal cruelty-free

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