Pet Cell Worx

Pet Cell Worx

Powerful stem cell and healthcare remedy for dogs

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Stem Cell Worx
Pet Cell Worx Intraoral Spray - 3.75 fl oz

Pet Cell Worx is the most powerful stem cell and healthcare remedy for dogs.

Scientific research shows that the activation of a dog’s own stem cells provides longevity benefits, speeds up repair and recovery processes and prevents health deterioration.

Pet Cell Worx is of equal benefit for fit and healthy dogs to preserve their good health as well as those who have health issues.

  • Boosts dog’s immune system, increases energy and improves mobility.

  • Relieves joint pain and reduces arthritis.

  • This proven formulation also provides skin and wound care, improves a dog’s coat and gums, reduces inflammation, and strengthens muscle and connective tissue providing rapid repair and relief for joint pain and cartilage deterioration.

    All product claims are backed by independent clinical studies and research. This supplement is formulated and distributed by Stem Cell Worx. It is manufactured in the U.S.A. by a leading U.S.A.

    Laboratory that is FDA regulated and inspected, GMP certified for liquid supplement manufacturing and a certified member of The Natural Products Association.

    This natural anti-aging dog supplement is in an easy to use convenient, tasty spray.

    Its clinically proven spray application provides a 95% absorption rate of nutrients that go directly into the dog’s bloodstream compared to just 10% to 20% that chew and pill supplements provide.

    This supplement contains pharmaceutical grades of each ingredient and contains no artificial sweeteners or fillers. All ingredients have been tested on humans or animals.

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. We guarantee your dog will have better overall health and well being in just 45 days or you receive all of your money back.

    Pet Cell Worx contains unmatched pure all-natural glucosamine, bovine colostrum and trans-resveratrol,along with potassium, vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, and C, calcium, iron and magnesium.

    This powerful formulation provides a triple effect of stem cell activation, reduces inflammation and gives joint pain relief, whilst improving blood, tissue and muscle health.

    The key ingredients are:

  • Glucosamine (85% purity) is a natural substance that exists in your pet’s body.

    Glucosamine supplementation is one of the safest and most clinically tested ways to improve and restore your dog’s joints. As your dog ages, its natural production of glucosamine reduces leading to joint pain, arthritis and stiffness. High grade glucosamine helps rebuild your dog’s cartilage leading to joint function restoration and improved activity levels.

  • Colostrum (with +30% of the antibody IgG, 54% Protein and GMO-Free) is the pre-milk provided by all mammal mothers to their new born. It is a rich cocktail of vitamins and immune factors, which gives life to mammal babies.

    High quality bovine colostrum (as used in this supplement) has up to 21 times the vitamins, minerals and immune factors compared to human colostrum. Colostrum is a very powerful antioxidant that boosts the immune system and when combined with other specialized nutrients, bovine colostrum supports healthy stem cell production.

  • Trans resveratrol (99% purity) provides significant health benefits.

    The resveratrol in Pet Cell Worx comes from Japanese knotweed and not grapes. Japanese knotweed has the highest potency of resveratrol in the world. When taken by intraoral spray, resveratrol is 250 times more effective.

    Harvard Medical School found benefits of resveratrol intake are increased mitochondria, increased endurance, anti-inflammatory properties, enrichment of cellular and enzyme properties providing anti-aging benefits, maintenance of blood and glucose levels and many health benefits for the cardiovascular system.

  • Potassium (870 mg daily dosage) is a mineral that keeps your dog’s kidney’s functioning normally and is also very beneficial for heart health.

    Pet Cell Worx contains No Shellfish, No Alcohol, No artificial sweeteners, No fillers and is grain free.

    Other Ingredients: Purified Water, Natural Bacon Flavor, Potassium Sorbate (less than >0.01%).

    Caution: Not to be used if dog is pregnant or intending to get pregnant.

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